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Craft a Poolside Paradise with Johnson’s Pools

A swimming pool is more than just a place for leisure; it’s the heart of your outdoor sanctuary. But the beauty and appeal of your pool area depend largely on the landscaping that surrounds it. Whether you dream of a lush tropical hideaway or a tranquil garden sanctuary, Johnson’s Pools offers expert landscaping advice to help you curate the ideal ambiance around your pool.

Selecting the Ideal Plants

With Johnson’s Pools, choose plants that not only accentuate the design of your pool and the architecture of your home but also thrive in the unique poolside environment. Opt for low-maintenance options that resist shedding into the pool water and can cope with the pool’s microclimate. Palms, ornamental grasses, and succulents offer a sleek, modern aesthetic, whereas flowering shrubs and perennials inject vibrant color and texture into your space.

Enhancing Privacy through Greenery

Privacy transforms your pool area into an intimate escape. Johnson’s Pools suggests using tall hedges, bamboo screens, or evergreen trees to create a private haven, free from external disturbances and wind. For a layered, natural effect, combine plants of varying heights and textures, ensuring seclusion throughout the year.

Introducing Shade Structures

Johnson’s Pools understands the importance of protection from the sun. Integrate pergolas, gazebos, and expansive umbrellas to provide shade, significantly enhancing comfort and adding a touch of elegance to your poolside. Embellish these structures with climbing vines or curtains for an extra layer of shade and privacy.

Incorporating Natural Elements

To further harmonize your pool with its natural surroundings, Johnson’s Pools recommends integrating elements such as stone, wood, and water features. Adding a rock waterfall, a koi pond, or a wooden deck not only merges the pool with the landscape but also attracts local wildlife, enriching the tranquility of your oasis.

Implementing Strategic Lighting

Appropriate lighting is crucial for setting the mood and ensuring safety around your pool area. Johnson’s Pools advises using low-voltage pathway lights and underwater LEDs to create a captivating nighttime ambiance while maintaining visibility. Ambient lighting can transform your poolside into a magical nocturnal haven.

Crafting the ultimate poolside oasis blends practicality with personal aesthetics. With Johnson’s Pools’ expert advice on selecting the right plants, ensuring privacy and shade, and embracing natural and lighting elements, you can turn your pool area into a distinguished outdoor living space. These enhancements not only elevate the enjoyment and beauty of your poolside but also add significant value to your home. Embark on this landscaping journey with Johnson’s Pools and materialize the backyard retreat of your dreams, reflecting your distinctive taste and lifestyle.


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