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Welcome to the ultimate relaxation destination on our PDC Hot Tubs page! Each of our hot tub series is meticulously designed to cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles. Dive into the luxurious world of our Luxury Series, where opulence meets advanced performance, including features like Air’assage™ air therapy and Halo LED lighting™, all under a 35-year warranty. For those seeking a blend of comfort and efficiency, our Premium Series offers six designs with maximum water action and high style, backed by a 25-year warranty. Meanwhile, our LifeStyle Series combines premium features and affordability, providing an excellent balance of quality and cost with a 10-year warranty. Choose the perfect fit and transform your home into a sanctuary of wellness and relaxation with PDC Spas.

Key Features Across Our Series:

Each series is crafted to provide a unique spa experience, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your relaxation and therapeutic needs.

Luxury Series​

Few words properly convey the feelings of therapeutic bliss you’ll experience once stepping into a PDC Spas Luxury Series hot tub for the first time. Whether you’re seeking the space-saving yet luxurious convenience of our Malibu hot tub, or the pinnacle of total luxury inherent to our top-of-the-line Bali hot tub, each model in the Luxury Series is painstakingly developed to provide the ultimate hot tub spa experience.

In addition to a standard 35 year structural warranty, each model in the Luxury Series incorporates innovative comfort and performance features that include TemperLok™ heat trapping, PowerFlo™ filtration, Air’assage hydrotherapy and many others.

Premium Series​

As a company who truly understands the many benefits of hydrotherapy, PDC Spas has been working tirelessly over the past six decades to make owning a hot tub a reality to all of those who seek it. The Premium Series hot tubs are a fitting testament to this commitment. Designed especially for the budget minded hot tub enthusiast, the Premium Series offers a comprehensive selection of affordable hot tubs with seating options ranging from 3 to 7, in addition to comfort and hydrotherapy features you would expect to find on more advanced models.

Whether you are a family looking for new ways to enjoy quality time together or a homeowner in search of an economical way to transform your deck, patio or basement, PDC is proud to offer a full line of hot tubs that provide exceptional value and vast customization options.

LifeStyle Series

The goal of the LifeStyle Series production was simple: to incorporate the premium features found in the luxury hot tubs while working to keep prices affordable to those seeking a higher level of quality. The end result is a line of leading-edge spas abundant with innovative features, style and powerful hydrotherapy massage jet technology. Whether used indoors or out the LifeStyle Series features some of our most popular hot tubs.

PDC Spas Lifestyle Series hot tub come with a complete 10 year warranty to ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy many years of worry-free use. Additionally, the Lifestyle Series features a long list of premium features typically found in more advanced tubs, these include LED spa lighting, TemperLok™ insulation and stainless steel hot tub jets.

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