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Explore the invigorating world of swim and fitness spas with our comprehensive collection at PDC Spas. Whether you’re aiming to boost your wellness or elevate the quality of life from the comfort of your home, our selection of swim and fitness spas is crafted to meet your personal health and exercise ambitions. Experience the convenience of achieving your fitness goals right at your doorstep with advanced features like the TruSwim® dual propulsion hydraulic, superior jetted currents, and a variety of lengths and styles tailored to your space and needs.

Key Features Across Our Series:

Propulsion Series Swim Spas

Revolutionizing the industry, our patented propulsion design in the TruSwim® Series swim spas offers an incomparable aquatic exercise experience! From the athlete in training to the joint pain sufferer seeking relief with warm water exercise, TruSwim® swim spas offers the most effective workout in the least amount of time. Choose one of the four models in the TruSwim® line-up that best suits you and your lifestyle, for affordable premium year-round water workouts, with the convenience and privacy of your home.

Premium Jetted Series Swim Spas

The newly released Summit™ Series is the pinnacle of home fitness and relaxation in jetted swim spas. This line-up of six unique models feature a trio of Elite Pro™ resistance jets for the most balanced, smoothest fitness lane a jetted unit can deliver. Powered with up to a full 30HP, the Summit™ Series guarantees the fitness and relaxation therapy sessions meet your expectations, and more.

Jetted Series Swim Spas

Take the comforts of swimming at home to entirely new levels with a personal swim spa. The PDC Spas Synergy Series™ swim spas unite the luxurious relaxation of a hot tub with the added health benefits of year-round aquatic fitness. All models in the Synergy™ Series offer comfortable body-sculpted seating, as well as powerful hydrotherapy water jets and spacious fitness zone with an advanced fully adjustable resistance current for optimum water fitness.

Fitness Swim Spas

Newly released fitness series spas in four distinct models offer all the benefits of aquatic exercise for those with their waistline and wallet in mind. Elite Pro™ Jet offers adjustable resistance to walk, jog, run, lift weights and experience the benefits of our AquaForce™ pulley trainer. Or, choose to simply relax in the warm swirling waters with family and friends, enjoying your backyard year round.

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