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Discover the Grandeur and Efficiency of the 6015 High Output Deluxe Fireplace

Elevate your heating experience with the 6015 High Output Deluxe Fireplace, the largest model in our High Output Linear lineup. This fireplace is an excellent heater and a stunning statement piece for great rooms and expansive spaces. With a powerful 56,000 BTUs and a heating capacity of up to 2,800 square feet, it ensures your comfort is never compromised. The “clean face” design offers customizable elegance with a selection of decorative trims and optional Fyre-Art™.

  • Heating Capacity: Up to 2,800 Sq. Ft.
  • BTU Input Per Hour: 30,273 (NG) 29,626 (LP) to 56,000 (NG/LP)
  • Steady State Efficiency: Up to 77.34% (NG), 78.74% (LP)
  • EnerGuide P4 Efficiency: 63.26% (NG), 65.27% (LP)
  • Glass Viewing Area: Ceramic Glass, 58 1/8″ W x 13″ H, 751 Sq. In.
  • GreenSmart® Remote Control
  • Accent Lights
  • 180 CFM Convection Fan


Introducing the 6015 High Output Deluxe, a powerhouse of a fireplace designed for large living environments. This Deluxe model features the GreenSmart® Remote Control for effortless operation, along with Accent Lights and a 180 CFM convection fan to enhance both the ambiance and the spread of warmth throughout your space.

Key Features:

  • Large Heating Capacity: Ideal for warming spaces up to 2,800 square feet, perfect for grand rooms and open-plan areas.
  • Powerful BTU Output: Ranging from 30,273 to 56,000 BTUs, adaptable for both natural gas and liquid propane to suit various home needs.
  • High Efficiency: Offers up to 78.74% steady-state efficiency with liquid propane, maximizing fuel utilization and reducing emissions.
  • Elegant Viewing Area: Features a large ceramic glass window that measures 58 1/8″ W x 13″ H, providing a clear, expansive view of the flames.
  • Customizable Design: Comes with a choice of elegant trims and the option to add Fyre-Art™, allowing for a personalized touch to fit your home décor.
  • Advanced Controls: Includes a GreenSmart® Remote Control, enabling easy adjustments of both the heating output and lighting settings.

The 6015 High Output Deluxe Fireplace is the ultimate choice for those seeking a powerful, efficient, and visually captivating heating solution for their large living spaces.

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