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Cast Iron Half Grate for 20.5″ Cooker

The Goldens’ Cast Iron Reversible Half Grate for the 20.5″ Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker offers versatile cooking options with 330.6 square inches of grilling area. This grate allows for both direct and indirect heat cooking, making it perfect for a variety of grilling techniques, including smoking and reverse searing.

Key Features:

  • Reversible Design: Choose the distance to the fire and the width of the cooking surface with ease.
  • Versatile Cooking Configurations: Stack and reverse in multiple configurations for grilling, smoking, and searing.
  • Enhanced Heat Control: Works seamlessly with the heat deflector to offer direct and indirect heat.
  • Built-In Feet: Raises the cooking area to maximize the grilling surface and provide ample space for multiple items.
  • Durable Cast Iron Construction: Provides excellent heat retention and durability for perfect professional sears.


Enhance your grilling capabilities with the Goldens’ Cast Iron Reversible Half Grate, designed specifically for the 20.5″ Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker. This grate provides a generous 330.6 square inches of cooking area, allowing for both direct and indirect heat grilling. The reversible design lets you adjust the distance to the fire, while the built-in feet raise the cooking surface, maximizing the grilling area. Made from durable cast iron, this grate ensures excellent heat absorption and retention, delivering the perfect sear every time.


20.5″ Half Grate Specs:

  • Width: 20.01″
  • Length: 10.05″
  • Height: 2.25″
  • Weight: 12 lbs

Details: Proudly made in the USA, all Goldens’ Cast Iron products are produced at our foundry and machine shops in Columbus and Cordele, Georgia. The Goldens’ Cast Iron Reversible Half Grate is designed to fit 20.5″ kamado cookers, providing a full cooking surface and enhanced heat control. This grate is perfect for grilling multiple items simultaneously and offers the flexibility to reverse sear without the need to reconfigure your setup.


The Goldens’ Cast Iron Reversible Half Grate is an essential addition to your grilling toolkit, providing superior performance and versatility. Enjoy the benefits of a larger cooking area and the ability to grill, smoke, and sear with precision and ease.

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