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Crown All-In-110V

Elevate your backyard relaxation with the Crown All-In-110V™, a luxurious 6-person round hot tub from Nordic’s All-In-110V Series, featuring rich standard features like Nordic Wrap™ insulation and Nordic Clean™ ozonator for a royal spa experience.


The Crown All-In-110V™ transcends the typical Plug-N-Play model by combining convenience with exceptional spa features. This 6-person round hot tub is designed to pamper you like royalty, complete with Nordic Star™ jets that provide a superb hydrotherapy massage. Ideal for those seeking a simple setup without sacrificing quality, this model includes Nordic Wrap™ insulation for enhanced heat retention and Nordic Clean™ ozonation for cleaner, clearer water.

Key Features:

  • Plug-N-Play Convenience: Easily set up by plugging into a standard 110V outlet, eliminating the need for extensive installation.
  • Superb Hydrotherapy: Equipped with Nordic Star™ jets for a relaxing massage that soothes muscles and eases tension.
  • Advanced Insulation Technology: Includes Nordic Wrap™, which adds an additional layer of insulation to help maintain water temperature and reduce energy costs.
  • Water Purification: Features Nordic Clean™ ozonator to help keep water pure and reduce chemical use.


The Crown All-In-110V™ is not just a hot tub; it’s a sanctuary where you can unwind and rejuvenate in style. Whether hosting friends or enjoying a family soak, this hot tub offers a regal escape with all the benefits of a high-end spa, right in your own backyard. Take home the Crown All-In-110V™ today and rule your relaxation like never before.

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