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Grecian Shape

Ultimate Grecian Pools are available in multiple sizes to fit any landscape. Grecians can be installed inground or semi-inground, submerged at least 16” into the ground. Grecian pools require our 14-gauge steel, epoxy-coated buttress supports in addition to a concrete bonding ring for stability. All walls are made of 14-gauge steel with epoxy-powder coating for long-lasting protection from corrosion. Optional add-ons are available to fulfill the need for additional fun, style, and functionality.


Sizes Available: 1224 (259 sq ft, 7,720 gallons), 1430 (362 sq ft, 10,860 gallons), 1632 (500 sq ft, 15,000 gallons), 1836 (614 sq ft, 18,300 gallons), 2040 (793 sq ft, 23,630 gallons)

All Ultimate Pools are equipped with necessary materials and manuals for a simple build process. Please note: All Ultimate Pools are NON-DIVING pools for safety (standard water depth is 4’).

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