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Indirect Heat Firebox Divider for 20.5″ Cooker

Enhance your grilling experience with the Goldens’ Cast Iron Firebox Divider Plate, designed for 20.5″ kamado cookers. This versatile accessory allows for direct and indirect heat control, making it ideal for achieving the perfect reverse sear and cooking various recipes efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Split Heat Deflector: Reflects and divides the heat source, enabling precise cooking control.
  • American Made Cast Iron Construction: Ensures durability and superior heat retention.
  • Multiple Heat Control Combinations: Offers flexibility in grilling techniques and temperature management.
  • Separates Lump Charcoal: Allows for easy segregation of charcoal, providing direct heat on one side and indirect heat on the other.
  • Multi-Surface Versatility: Ideal for various grilling methods and recipes.


The Goldens’ Cast Iron Firebox Divider Plate is an essential accessory for your 20.5″ kamado cooker, offering enhanced versatility and control. By placing the divider in your firebox and filling one side with lump charcoal, you can achieve both direct and indirect heat simultaneously. This makes the reverse sear technique practical without needing to reconfigure your grates, searing plate, or charcoal setup. Constructed from high-quality American cast iron, this divider plate ensures durability and excellent heat retention, making it a valuable addition to your grilling arsenal.

Details: Proudly made in the USA, all Goldens’ Cast Iron products, including the firebox divider plate, are produced at our foundry and machine shops in Columbus and Cordele, Georgia. This accessory allows you to maximize your kamado cooker’s potential, offering multiple combinations for heat control and versatile cooking surfaces.


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