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Lil Bob LX

The Lil Bob LX enhances the classic pool experience with luxurious lounging spaces and a functional design suited for all ages. Featuring an extended length that includes a tanning ledge and integrated bench seating, this pool combines recreation with relaxation in a versatile setup that’s perfect for families and friends.


Sizes Available:

  • 13.5′ x 35.5′ (Depth: 4’6″)

The Lil Bob LX takes the beloved inground design of the original Lil Bob and extends it to include more features and more fun. The added shallow end with its tanning ledge and bench seating offers a comfortable space for lounging and socializing, while the open swim area remains perfect for games and exercise. This pool is designed to cater to everyone, from the youngest splashers to the most active swimmers, ensuring that every family member finds their favorite spot. With the Lil Bob LX, your pool parties just got bigger and better, inviting more friends to enjoy your backyard oasis.

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