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Lopi Radiant Plus™ Large – MV

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Discover the Radiant Plus™ Large – MV Gas Fireplace Insert, a premier choice for those seeking a gas insert that combines reliable performance with excellent features at an affordable price. This On Demand Standing Pilot insert provides a quick, easy startup and operates independently of power, ensuring consistent heat during outages. It’s packed with more standard features than any other insert in its class and is engineered to provide customizable comfort to spaces ranging from 500 to 1,650 square feet. The Radiant Plus stands out with a design that maximizes radiant and natural convection heat, showcasing a massive fire viewing area that is the largest in its class.

  • On Demand Standing Pilot
  • Heats Up to 1,650 Sq. Ft.
  • Large Viewing Area
  • Maximum BTU/HR Input: 33,000 (NG), 31,000 (LP)


The Radiant Plus™ Large – MV is an exceptionally efficient insert known for its robust heating capacity and large, attractive viewing area. This model is ideal for medium to large spaces where a powerful heat source is needed without dependency on electricity. It offers superior performance with up to 87.94% steady-state efficiency on propane, ensuring effective heat utilization and year-round comfort.

Key Features:

  • Substantial Heating Performance: Delivers reliable heating for spaces up to 1,650 square feet, making it perfect for larger living areas.
  • Impressive Fire Display: Features a 451.7 square inch viewing area, providing a clear and extensive view of the fire.
  • Energy Independence: Operates without electricity, offering reliable heating even during power outages.
  • High Efficiency: Achieves up to 87.81% steady-state efficiency on natural gas, maximizing fuel efficiency.
  • Sturdy Build: Robust dimensions and a large glass panel enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the insert.
  • Flexible Heating Control: The simple and reliable On Demand Standing Pilot system allows for immediate heat without the complexity of electronic controls.

Ideal for those in need of a powerful, efficient, and visually appealing heating solution, the Radiant Plus™ Large – MV Gas Fireplace Insert is designed to meet the demands of modern homes, ensuring comfort and warmth tailored to your heating needs.

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