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Discover the unmatched sophistication of the ProBuilder 72 Linear Deluxe, tailored for large spaces that demand a bold statement. As the largest model in our lineup, it features expansive 72-inch by 15-inch glass, showcasing stunning views and delivering superb zonal heating without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. This Deluxe model steps up performance with the GreenSmart® Remote Control, a 180 CFM variable speed convection fan, and under-lit Accent Lights that elegantly illuminate the glass media bed, all while offering exceptional value.

  • GreenSmart® Remote Control
  • Heats Up to 2,250 Sq. Ft.
  • Large Viewing Area
  • BTU/Hr. Input: 23,000 to 45,000 (50% turndown)


The ProBuilder 72 Linear Deluxe is a high-performance fireplace designed for expansive living spaces. It combines stylish design with advanced functionality, featuring a wide glass area for enhanced fire viewing and state-of-the-art heating technologies. This model enhances any setting with its under-lit Accent Lights, adding a captivating glow to the glass media bed. The included GreenSmart® Remote Control and powerful convection fan ensure precise temperature management and efficient heat distribution.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Glass Viewing Area: Offers a 959 square inch tempered glass viewing window for an unobstructed, panoramic view of the flames.
  • Advanced Heating Technology: Capable of heating large areas up to 2,250 square feet with adjustable BTU inputs from 23,000 to 45,000.
  • GreenSmart® Deluxe Features: Includes a remote control for easy adjustments and a variable speed fan to enhance heat distribution throughout the room.
  • Stylish and Efficient: Boasts up to 75.80% steady state efficiency, ensuring that more heat stays in your home.
  • Accent Lighting: Under-lit lights illuminate the glass media bed, enhancing the visual appeal and ambiance of the fireplace.

Ideal for those seeking a powerful, stylish, and efficient heating solution, the ProBuilder 72 Linear Deluxe is designed to meet the needs of modern, spacious homes, combining luxurious aesthetics with cutting-edge technology for optimal comfort and visual impact.

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