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Experience the Elegance of the 864 TV 40K Clean Face Deluxe Fireplace

Elevate your living space with the 864 TV 40K Clean Face Deluxe, our ‘best in class’ fireplace designed to blend seamlessly into your home. This top vent (TV) fireplace delivers a powerful 40,000 BTU output, ideal for heating larger homes and living spaces up to 2,000 square feet. Its clean face design resembles a traditional masonry fireplace with minimal metal visible around the fireviewing glass, offering an unobstructed view of the flames. This model is enhanced with the latest features including Ember-Glo™ ember bed lighting, adjustable overhead Accent Lights, and the option for a CoolSmart TV Wall™. Choose from our exquisite 10-piece detailed Classic Oak or Birch log sets to enhance the ambiance. This deluxe model also includes the innovative GreenSmart® Remote Control and a 180 CFM convection fan.

  • Heating Capacity: Up to 2,000 Sq. Ft.
  • BTU Input Per Hour: 11,000 (NG) 12,000 (LP) to 40,000 (NG/LP)
  • Steady State Efficiency: Up to 82.04% (NG), 83.93% (LP)
  • EnerGuide P4 Efficiency: 72.59% (NG), 74.19% (LP)
  • Glass Viewing Area: Ceramic Glass, 34-1/4″ W x 22-1/4″ H, 758.8 Sq. In.
  • Features new Ember-Glo™ ember bed lighting
  • Adjustable overhead Accent Lights
  • Optional CoolSmart TV Wall™
  • Includes GreenSmart® Remote Control
  • Equipped with a 180 CFM Convection Fan


The 864 TV 40K Clean Face Deluxe Fireplace is a testament to sophisticated design and powerful heating technology. With its expansive heating capacity and beautiful clean face presentation, this fireplace is perfectly suited for those who desire a modern touch in their traditional settings. The advanced features not only provide exceptional control over the ambiance and warmth but also offer a significant reduction in visible hardware, enhancing the natural beauty of the fire.

Key Features:

  • Clean Face Design: Mimics the appearance of a traditional masonry fireplace, offering a timeless look with contemporary appeal.
  • Powerful Heating: Capable of warming areas up to 2,000 square feet, ensuring your living space remains comfortable throughout the year.
  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: Massive ceramic glass viewing area showcases the detailed log sets and dynamic flames.
  • Customizable Options: Select from Classic Oak or Birch log sets and decide whether to include the CoolSmart TV Wall™ for added functionality.
  • Advanced Control Features: The included GreenSmart® Remote Control allows easy management of heating settings, fan speed, and lighting.
  • Efficient Operation: Achieves high efficiency ratings, translating to better heat output and lower energy costs.

The 864 TV 40K Clean Face Deluxe Fireplace represents the pinnacle of fireplace technology, combining aesthetic simplicity with advanced heating capabilities to enhance any large space with elegance and efficiency.

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