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Northfield™ Radiant MV

Introducing the Northfield™ MV, the smallest model in Lopi’s On Demand Standing Pilot Millivolt Cast Iron Gas Stove Series. Combining an elegant design with full cast iron construction and high-temperature ceramic glass, the Northfield™ MV is engineered to provide comforting radiant heat along with natural convection. This model efficiently heats spaces up to 850 square feet, making it an ideal choice for smaller living areas. It offers a blend of beauty and economy, providing more features and benefits than any other small gas stove in its class.

  • Compact and Elegant Design
  • Heats Up to 850 Sq. Ft.
  • Maximum BTU Input: 22,000 (NG/LP) BTUs/Hour
  • Steady State Efficiency: Up to 70.19%
  • Glass Viewing Area: 148.8 Sq. Inches



The Northfield™ MV stands out for its exquisite craftsmanship and superior heating capabilities. This stove’s small footprint and robust performance make it an excellent solution for those needing effective warmth without overwhelming space. Despite its size, it boasts significant heating power and efficiency, enhanced by the Dancing-Fyre™ burner system which creates a captivating flame picture.

Key Features:

  • Quality Construction: Made with full cast iron and high-temperature ceramic glass for durability and excellent heat transfer.
  • Radiant Heat + Convection: Delivers both radiant and convective heat, ensuring a comfortable environment in smaller spaces.
  • High Efficiency: Offers impressive steady-state efficiency, maximizing fuel use while reducing costs.
  • Compact Size: Ideal for heating smaller areas up to 850 square feet, perfect for cozy spaces or as supplemental heating.
  • Dancing-Fyre™ Burner: Features a realistic and beautiful flame, enhancing the visual appeal of the stove.
  • Optional Fan: Can be equipped with a fan to increase air circulation and heat distribution throughout the room.

The Northfield™ Radiant MV is designed for those who value efficiency and elegance in a compact package. It’s an economical choice that does not sacrifice functionality or style, making it a superior option for heating smaller spaces.

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