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Experience Grandeur with the ProBuilder 42 Clean Face Deluxe Fireplace

Unveil the magnificence of the ProBuilder 42 Clean Face Deluxe, designed for great rooms and grand spaces that demand a bold statement. This large model mimics the grandeur of a traditional masonry fireplace with its massive viewing area and sleek, “clean face” design, providing not just an aesthetic upgrade but also excellent zonal warmth. This Deluxe version is equipped with three log set options and comes standard with the GreenSmart® Remote Control, Accent Lights, Ember-Glo™, and a powerful 180 CFM convection fan, combining style with advanced functionality.

  • Heating Capacity: Up to 1,750 Sq. Ft.
  • BTU Input Per Hour: 8,000 (NG) 7,500 (LP) to 35,000 (NG/LP) – 77-79% Turndown
  • Steady State Efficiency: Up to 77.71% (NG), 79.11% (LP)
  • EnerGuide P4 Efficiency: 70.11% (NG), 71.34% (LP)
  • Glass Viewing Area: Tempered Glass, 36” W x 31” H, 1,112.8 sq. in.
  • Comes with three log set options
  • Includes GreenSmart® Remote Control
  • Equipped with Accent Lights and Ember-Glo™
  • Features a 180 CFM convection fan


The ProBuilder 42 Clean Face Deluxe is an epitome of both luxury and efficiency. Perfect for large living areas, this fireplace enhances the room’s warmth and ambiance without the complexity of traditional masonry. Its considerable size and clean lines ensure it stands out as a centerpiece, while the advanced features like Ember-Glo™ lighting and adjustable accent lights create a captivating visual display.

Key Features:

  • Large and Impressive Design: Ideal for spacious areas, offering a significant visual impact with its large glass viewing area and minimalistic frame.
  • Versatile Heating Solution: Capable of heating up to 1,750 square feet, making it suitable for large rooms needing efficient warmth.
  • Customizable Appearance: Three different log set options allow you to tailor the look to match your decor preferences.
  • Advanced Controls: The included GreenSmart® Remote Control facilitates easy adjustments to flame height, fan speed, and lighting, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.
  • Superior Efficiency: Maintains high efficiency with a broad turndown rate, ensuring that energy usage is optimized without sacrificing comfort.
  • Enhanced Ambiance: Accent lights and the Ember-Glo™ system add depth to the fire’s appearance, making it look more vibrant and realistic.

The ProBuilder 42 Clean Face Deluxe Fireplace is perfect for those who seek a statement piece that offers both spectacular looks and functional heating capabilities.

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