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The Icon™

The Icon™ 40 is the epitome of grandeur in backyard swimming pools. Boasting a splash pad, a built-in spa, and an eight-foot deep end suitable for diving, this model delivers unrivaled joy and entertainment, making it ideal for big family fun.

Key Features:

  • Expansive Design: One of our largest inground fiberglass pools, designed for substantial swimming space.
  • Diving Ready: The deep end reaches 8 feet, perfect for safe diving or exuberant jumping.
  • Integrated Comfort: Features a splash pad and built-in spa for relaxation and play.


The Icon™ represents the ultimate in pool design, perfectly balancing aesthetic appeal with functional enjoyment:

  • Dimensions: 40′ 0″ Long by 15′ 5″ Wide
  • Depth: 4′ 5″ at the shallow end, transitioning to an 8′ deep end

The Icon™ 40 embodies a harmonious blend of form and function, from its well-defined lines to the joyous depths of its diving-end. Crafted for those who appreciate the finer aspects of aquatic leisure, this pool is all about promoting the perfection of backyard fun. Its generous dimensions and thoughtful features make it a landmark choice for families looking for the ultimate in swimming pool luxury.

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