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The Palladium Plunge™

The Palladium Plunge™ series offers an intimate and luxurious plunge pool experience, perfect for personal relaxation or enhancing with spa jets for a therapeutic swim. Its compact design and flat bottom make it versatile for family use and provide excellent opportunities for creative landscaping.

Key Features:

  • Compact Styling: Ideal for smaller spaces or as a complement to any backyard design.
  • Full Features: Offers the potential for spa-like enhancements such as jets for an elevated experience.
  • Landscape Friendly: The pool’s design allows for various landscaping options to create a stunning backyard focal point.


The Palladium Plunge™ models are beautifully crafted to serve as both a relaxing retreat and a visual centerpiece:

  • Palladium Plunge™ 16
    • Dimensions: 16′ 0″ Long by 8′ 0″ Wide
    • Depth: 5′ 0″ with a flat bottom
  • Palladium Plunge™ 20
    • Dimensions: 20′ 0″ Long by 8′ 0″ Wide
    • Depth: 5′ 0″ with a flat bottom

The Palladium Plunge™ series combines simplicity with sophistication, offering a versatile pool option that fits neatly into a variety of settings. Whether you choose the 16-foot model for its cozy dimensions or the 20-foot for a bit more space, each pool promises to enhance your outdoor living area while providing a sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment.

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