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The Infinity™

The Infinity™ 40 embodies the essence of a classic swimming pool with its expansive design and deep end for diving and water fun. Equipped with bench seating along the shallow sides, this pool combines leisure with vigorous swimming capabilities, perfect for a backyard oasis.

Key Features:

  • Award-Winning Design: Features a timeless rectangular shape that integrates seamlessly with any outdoor setting.
  • Deep Swimming Area: Offers an 8-foot deep end for diving and more dynamic water activities.
  • Enhanced Features: Can be customized with inground pool lights and water jets for an elevated pool experience.


Embrace the ultimate in aquatic luxury with the Infinity™ 40, designed to invigorate and refresh:

  • Dimensions: 40′ 0″ Long by 15′ 6″ Wide
  • Depth: 4′ 0″ at the shallow end progressing to an 8′ 0″ deep end

The Infinity™ 40 is the epitome of swimming pool perfection, offering both style and substance. With its grand entry and significant depth, it provides an exceptional environment for both relaxing and active swimming. Ideal for those who desire a pool that supports both leisurely lounging and enthusiastic aquatic activities, the Infinity™ 40 ensures every swim is a memorable experience.

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