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The Limitless™

Discover the Limitless™ series, where compact meets luxury in fiberglass swimming pools. Designed for small to medium spaces, each model features a splash pad, spa, and pool, providing a versatile and high-quality swimming experience without compromising on space.

Key Features:

  • Space Efficiency: Each model is thoughtfully designed to fit smaller backyards, offering luxury in a compact form.
  • Versatile Design: Enjoy a multifunctional space with an integrated splash pad, spa, and pool area.
  • Quality Construction: Built with premium materials for durability and longevity, ensuring a lasting investment.


The Limitless™ series offers two exceptional models tailored for your unique space and lifestyle needs:

  • Limitless™ 26
    • Dimensions: 26′ 0″ Long by 12′ 6″ Wide
    • Depth: 4′ 3″ at the shallow end and 5′ 7″ at the deep end
  • Limitless™ 30
    • Dimensions: 30′ 0″ Long by 12′ 6″ Wide
    • Depth: 4′ 3″ at the shallow end and 6′ 0″ at the deep end

The Limitless™ series pools are the epitome of modern backyard design, combining essential features for fun, relaxation, and exercise in one compact package. Whether you choose the 26-foot model for a more intimate setting or the 30-foot for a bit more room and depth, these pools deliver an unmatched combination of style and function, perfect for those who demand the best in backyard leisure without a large footprint.

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