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The Roman™

The Roman™ series showcases a classical design with a unique keystone shape that provides a cozy feel despite its larger size compared to typical plunge pools. Featuring dual seating areas customizable with spa jets, this pool series invites relaxation and offers distinctive landscaping possibilities.

Key Features:

  • Classical Design: A centuries-old keystone shape that combines elegance with timeless appeal.
  • “His” & “Hers” Seating: Dual seating areas designed for comfort and can be enhanced with soothing spa jets.
  • Versatile Landscaping Opportunities: The unique shape allows for creative landscaping designs, enhancing the aesthetic of any backyard.


Crafted to withstand the test of time, the Roman™ pools blend historical inspiration with modern functionality:

  • Roman™ 23
    • Dimensions: 23′ 1″ Long by 11′ 6″ Wide
    • Depth: 4′ 1″ at the shallow end to 5′ 1″ at the deep end
  • Roman™ 28
    • Dimensions: 28′ 3″ Long by 11′ 6″ Wide
    • Depth: 4′ 2″ at the shallow end to 5′ 6″ at the deep end

The Roman™ series is ideal for those who dream of a swimming pool that merges historical charm with contemporary needs. Whether for active swimming, relaxing soaks, or social gatherings, these pools provide a perfect setting. Their classical design not only enriches your outdoor space but also ensures a delightful and enduring swimming experience.

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