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Wading Pool

The Wading Pool 2 is ideal for families with young children or anyone with a smaller backyard space. This pool provides a shallow, safe area for toddlers to get accustomed to the water, while adults can comfortably supervise from the built-in bench.


Sizes Available:

  • 9′ x 9′ (Depth: 1’6″)
  • 13’9″ x 11’9″ (Depth: 1’6″)

Soak up the sun and cool down with the Wading Pool 2, perfectly designed to fit into small spaces while providing ample fun for the little ones. This pool makes it easy for young children to safely enjoy the water and learn to swim under the watchful eyes of adults. The integrated bench allows parents and caregivers to stay close and engage with kids as they play, adding a layer of safety and convenience. Whether cooling off on a hot day or introducing toddlers to the joys of swimming, the Wading Pool 2 offers a practical and enjoyable solution for family-friendly water fun.

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