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Welcome to the warmth and craftsmanship of Lopi’s Wood Stoves, renowned for their reliability and exceptional heating efficiency. Each Lopi stove is not just a source of reliable heat but also serves as a functional cook-top surface, perfect for preparing meals during power outages. With features like push-button ignition and robust construction, Lopi stoves offer both convenience and longevity, making them an outstanding addition to any home.

Key Highlights:

Steel Wood Stoves

Lopi Steel Wood Stoves feature true unibody construction.

Our steel stoves features heavy-duty, high quality construction that will ensure years of dependable warmth. Using a 600-ton press to form and bend the metal, we eliminate unsightly welds and increase strength. Your stove also has a 6” heavy-duty, seamless steel flue collar and heavy gauge 5/16” & 3/16” steel construction. When you buy a Lopi, you’re buying the finest. We guarantee it.

Cast Iron Wood Stoves

Lopi Cast Iron Wood Stoves combine beautiful European castings with optimum performance and solid construction to bring you the perfect wood stove.

Premium materials like iron, steel, real masonry brick and crystal clear ceramic glass are brought together in a fusion of classic elegance and durability designed to heat your home and family for years to come. Cast Iron holds up very well to high heat temperatures, meaning the fire will burn at higher temperatures inside the firebox to assist in obtaining complete combustion of your wood. Cast Iron also retains heat longer, creating extended periods of radiant heat dispersal, so even after the fire has gone out heat continues to be released into your room.

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