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The Tuscany™

The Tuscany™ series, with its unique kidney-shape design, is both stylish and eye-catching. This freeform pool design is perfect for incorporating various landscaping features, from waterwalls and fountains to fire pits and lush vegetation, enhancing its natural appeal.

Key Features:

  • Kidney-Shape Design: Provides a classic look that is versatile enough to fit into any backyard layout.
  • Spacious Features: Offers ample space for relaxation and social gatherings, with areas suitable for a variety of water and landscape features.
  • Casual and Relaxed: Brings a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere to any outdoor space, often becoming the center of attention.


The Tuscany™ series embodies a carefree spirit that blends seamlessly with any outdoor environment:

  • Tuscany™ 23
    • Dimensions: 23′ 3″ Long by 12′ 1″ Wide
    • Depth: 3′ 8″ at the shallow end to 5′ 0″ at the deep end
  • Tuscany™ 28
    • Dimensions: 28′ 6″ Long by 14′ 1″ Wide
    • Depth: 4′ 0″ at the shallow end to 5′ 8″ at the deep end

With its outgoing personality, the Tuscany™ fits in effortlessly, whether it’s the focal point of a garden party or a peaceful retreat for everyday relaxation. This pool is typically the highlight of any backyard, encouraging casual enjoyment and frequent social gatherings. Whether adorned with dynamic water features or surrounded by lush landscaping, the Tuscany™ invites you to unwind in style.

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